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    HELEN KELLY                 RICHARD MEADE                    KATHERINE ESPINA              WEI ZHE TAN

Editor, The Intelligence          Managing Editor              Container markets reporter          Reporter

Helen manages and edits daily   Richard is an award-winning    Katherine covers containers        Wei is a general reporter
  Lloyd’s List news, comment      journalist with a decade’s   in Asia, working with the CI    covering all subjects from the
  and analysis content, with     experience in the industry.   team in London and writing      Singapore desk. His speciality
    editorial control over the                                 daily stories and analysis for
 daily email bulletin and PDF   He is responsible for Lloyd’s   Lloyd’s List. She previously    is in energy coverage, most
 agenda. She manages a team     List’s agenda-setting output.  covered Asian stock markets,     recently working as Asia oil
   of international in-house                                     energy- and commodities-
                                   He joined Lloyd’s List in                                      markets editor for Platts,
journalists alongside a number     2006 after jumping ship           related shipping at           carrying out daily price
    of external contributors.     from the weekly maritime       Bloomberg in Singapore.        assessments of oil products
                                                                                                 in the Asia/Pacific region.
                                      magazine Fairplay.

in this edition…

LEADERS                                       SPECIAL REPORT                                 MARKETS
                                              ASIA FOCUS
    Editor’s letter                                                                              Dry bulk: Brazil looks to gain market
Truth, justice and opportunity for Filipino      What’s holding up the banquet?              share for iron ore exports
seafarers. A eulogy for Tom Leander           Shipbuilders are swarming Tehran, but
                                               nding it di cult to get a bite of the city’s  44 Tankers: The resurgence of China’s
    Dance of the alliances                    ‘fat meat’                                     independent re neries
Container carrier consolidation is forcing a
rethink on alliances                             Vessel alliances play musical chairs        48 Containers: The world fleet continues to
                                              Alliances covering the east-west trades may    expand, but orders are down and scrapping
   Food for thought                           undergo yet another metamorphosis              is up
Chinese shipbuilders are nding lean
pickings in Tehran                                Lion’s share                               50 Bunkers: Weak bunker price amid flat
                                              Singapore eyes maritime dominance. But         demand to strain supply chain
INSIGHTS                                      regional competition is erce
   The great VLCC sell-o                          Casualties of war
A flood of older VLCCs have hit sale and      The Singapore War Risk Mutual cover was           Yard Talk
purchase desks                                introduced in the wake of alarms raised over   The ne print in China
                                              sea robbery in the Malacca Strait. Is it the
   Can marine business escape Uberisation?    better option?                                    Arronax
Face-to-face transactions here to stay,                                                      Engines cheats
despite Lloyd’s online platform roll-out      CONTEXT
COVER STORY                                       Power : top tanker and
                                              dry bulk personalities                            Tom Leander
    People power                              Lloyd’s List highlights the most influential
Private sector initiatives to build skills    people in the tanker and dry bulk sectors      ON OUR RADAR
and improve Filipino seafarers’ lives have
momentum. Are the gains in jeopardy?                                                            What our writers are watching

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